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AUREUS Polska is a professional wholesaler based internationally. We have business contacts in over 80 countries.

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From the beginning we have been providing high-quality import and distribution services for FMCG non-food products. Professionalism, reliability and efficiency are our features.

About us

AUREUS was founded in 2004 as a sole proprietorship. After a decade we transformed into a limited liability company and we operate in this legal form to this day.

From the beginning the company's goal was to trade on international markets. Thanks to our hard work and consistency we have created a thriving company.

We constantly strive to be up to date with market trends or we create them ourselves, searching for and offering innovative products and business solutions in our industry.


We specialize in the distribution of fast-moving household products and toiletries. We sell and deliver our goods to wholesalers and retail chains in Poland, as well as to companies in the European Union.

Our brands

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of available brands in our portfolio, of which we are a manufacturer or an exclusive distributor.

Smart Wash

Laundry products

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Smart eco wash

Innovative laundry detergent

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Smart clean

Household cleaning products

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Toilet cleaning products

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The beginnings of our company are international trade on the parallel market with the brands of the world's largest producers from the FMCG non-food industry. We have been successfully continuing this part of our activity to this day. We have very wide contacts thanks to which we are able to offer almost any product at a competitive price. We know where and how to operate in this vast market. We enjoy the trust of our customers, both suppliers and recipients. We have earned a reputation for the professionalism of the services we provide and our loyalty to business partners.

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